SAER launches new series of open impeller pumps

We are officially halfway through 2015 and for many it has been an incredible year so far. For one company in particular, the Italian pump manufacturer SAER, we think it is safe to say that they’re probably pretty proud of their 2015 successes.

Only six months in they have already launched many new and innovative products.

SAER is one of the oldest pump manufacturers around, founded in 1951, and they already have a varied range of water electric pumps and motors for a variety of industries. Currently they work with a number of diversified markets including the agricultural sector, industrial businesses and they also work in the domestic market. With their products in use in a number of vital applications including fire fighting appliances and the mining industry, it’s great to see them expand.

Some of the most influential products they have launched this year includes the compact and noiseless pressure unit T-ONE and SL Solar System. These products will improve the lives of many as it will allow water to be distributed through pumps to all areas even if there is no power supply.

But, that’s not the only products that they have launched, the company have also introduced a centrifugal single stage pump in order to improve drainage and slurry water for dry installation. The product was unveiled at the WETEX exhibition in Dubai last April.

Those attendees that went to WETEX would agree when we say it was a great choice of launch venue. With so many discussions on making the world a more sustainable and greener place to live it was great to see SAER launch a product that will help make that a reality. Other exhibitors at the event also shared a new range of technologies to help build a greener world. Incidentally, the event also coincided with Green Week, which was clearly a clever marketing tactic by the people at SAER.

For those that don’t know much about the single stage pump, it can be used for pumping both domestic and industrial waste water, but it can also pump corrosive liquids, agricultural sewage and solid substances too. Pretty impressive hey?

With many other centrifugal pump suppliers in the market, SAER wanted to go one step further and make this the pump to rival all others. So they built this pump with both open and closed impellers. The product really is unrivalled in the market.

Currently there are three models to choose from and they are all made with stainless steel. SEAR have built a solid reputation and are regularly relied upon for a range of water pumping needs. The company also have one of the most competitive delivery times, so those people looking for high pressure pumps, submersible pumps or even a split casing pump, SAER can offer a quick but effective solution.

But, it doesn’t stop there for SAER, the company have already announced plans to increase their range even more. Do they ever stop?

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