Hygienic Twin Screw Pump Set to Revolutionise the Fish Oil Industry.

At a recent seminar in Norway, members of the fish oil industry were left impressed after a demonstration from WANGEN PUMPEN. Their new hygienic twin screw pump product wowed leading manufacturers of omega 3 and is set to take the fish oil industry by storm.

WANGEN PUMPEN who are based in the region of Allgau in Germany decided to share their latest product at a seminar organised by Lars Frost of Froster AS. Froster AS is the WANGEN PUMPEN distributor based in Norway and they happily took on the responsibility and invited some of the leading manufacturers of omega 3 fatty acids to the exclusive event.

The WANGEN twin screw pump which was unveiled has unrivaled hygienic benefits and has left the industry in awe.

All comments from event attendees are extremely positive including this statement by Herald Kjearstad from HPK Consult “The hygienic screw pump is a very interesting alternative to the usual displacement and centrifugal pumps for us, because it can do both conveying products and cleaning the plant in place (CIP), This saves us not only a centrifugal pump including pipes for CIP / SIP cleaning, but also brings significant benefits in terms of hygiene: The fewer components in the system that are installed, the fewer sources of contamination can occur.”

If this comment is to go by, the manufacture of omega 3 fish oil is set to be revolutionised.

At the moment, around 100,000 products per year with omega 3 fatty acids are taken across the world. It has become a very common supplement and important part of many people’s diet, Most commonly the key ingredient comes from fish, so if this pump takes off it could change the fish oil production industry entirely.

As mentioned the key ingredient is fish, which means that the manufacturers will need a well designed, hygienic production plant. If this is compromised in any way at all, then the production of omega 3 fatty acids will be unsafe and unsecure.

The reason why Omega 3 fatty acids are incredibly commonplace across the world these days is due to well known brands like Seven Seas, who have actively promoted their health benefits. In a world where everyone wants to be healthier, the new hygienic twin pump will be huge business for WANGEN PUMPEN.

WANGEN PUMPEN have also impressed in another industry recently.

The chemical engineering industry have also been wowed thanks to the launch of a series of new products by WANGEN PUMPEN at ACHEMA, a world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry.

A new series of products from the company, named Xpress made their public debut and received astonished and enthused comments from an expert audience.

WANGEN PUMPEN like most other pump suppliers offer their customers a range of pumps including twin screw pumps and centrifugal pumps to name a few. Centrifugal pump suppliers are required in a huge range of applications and are an established and key pump for WANGEN PUMPEN.

Only time will tell if the hygienic twin screw pump will take off, but we’re expecting great things from the company.

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