HERMETIC Is Named The Best Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer for 2014

It has been a fantastic week for Russian company HERMETIC! The company have been celebrating after being named the Russian Oil and Gas Industry’s best centrifugal pump supplier for 2014. A huge congratulations are in order for the company, who are no doubt thrilled with this achievement.

HERMETIC also won the prestigious title in 2013, but thanks to their hard work and dedication, they have managed to retain the title and build on their successes.

Currently HERMETIC supply a huge range of products to a number of Russian industries. Their current range includes; magnetic drive pumps, vacuum and positive displacement pumps and canned motor pumps to name a few. They also differentiate themselves from their competitors by allowing their customers to either chose from a number of special designs, or they are willing to tailor make a pump in order to suit their customer’s needs.

Other reasons why HERMETIC were triumphant include the fact that the brand has impeccable quality, exceptional reliability, the highest safety standards and a fantastic customer support team.

The Russian Ministry of Energy conducted an independent survey to find the winners of the Russian Oil and Gas Industry’s best centrifugal pump manufacturer. The prize was then given to them at the exclusive Neftegaz event in Moscow by Russian refineries.

So what does this mean for HERMETIC?

Well to begin with it positions the company as a leader and pioneer in the oil and gas market. This is a great position to be in, especially in Russia where they are continuously looking for new oil and gas resources. The government and handpicked agencies are also working to find alternatives to fossil fuels in the hope that the world can become a more sustainable and greener place to live.

The company may also be interested in East Siberia. This area is thought to contain numerous and untouched oil reserves.

A process in Russia was put into place when they first started unearthing untouched reserves. This was to ensure the country used the materials as productively and efficiently as possible. The current process means that raw materials are first recovered, secondly they are processed and finally they are transported. This process is carried out under the toughest and strictest conditions to ensure it achieves its productivity and efficiency goals.

HERMETIC are able to contribute to the search for raw materials because of the unique machinery that they own. Their canned motor pumps are perfect for working in difficult operating conditions which is one of the key reasons the Russian government and other users would chose a HERMETIC pump to be used in their products.

Many centrifugal pump suppliers, (HERMETIC included) are also on a mission to find sustainability as they want to provide their customers with greater efficiency and of course they don’t want safety to be compromised. So this is another key reason for HERMETIC to be involved in the search for alternatives to fossil fuels.

Industry in Arabic countries is also still growing so it’s important that Russian companies like HERMETIC stay ahead of the game. At the moment canned Motor pumps by HERMETIC are relied upon by many refinery industries and both their standard and customised pumps are vital in new projects or when working with historical buildings.

An industrial customer looking for pumps should consider HERMETIC as their pumps portfolio is one of the best. Now that they have retained the prestigious title, we’re sure that the company will be set for another promising year. They won’t want to miss out on the title for the third year in a row now would they?

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