How Do Petroleum Engineering Students Feel About The Current Oil and Gas Market?


For this article, we have decided to find out how petroleum engineering students feel about the current oil and gas situation. To get some answers, we head over to the University of Louisiana.

Students studying petroleum engineering at this university have been open enough to share their anxiety and concerns about their future. It would seem that those close to graduating are most worried, this is because the low price of oil is affecting jobs in the market.

Those students at the start of their course are less worried, Philip Wortman who is a freshman has explained that he and his friends are not worried because they still have three more years of studying to do.

Philip is hopeful that over the next three years, the price of oil will increase and more jobs will become available. But, as mentioned, those close to finishing university are worried.

Christian Narnajo is set to finish university this December and believes that the jobs market in the oil and gas engineering industry is dire. He explained that he reads about layoffs often in the news.

The news is constantly highlighting how bad the situation is in the oil and gas market. But, it very rarely talks about the effects it is having on young people like Christian. Christian is already looking for a job, he is willing to take any oilfield position, but so far he has had no such luck.

A professor from the University, Fathi Boukadi explained that last year all of the graduates from the petroleum engineering course found jobs after graduating. Since then the number of jobs and internships have been on a sharp decline.

But, some major companies and government organisations are still recruiting petroleum engineers, so it is not all bad news. Fathi has faith that this year all of the petroleum engineering graduates will find work too.

The University of Louisiana is in a fantastic location when it comes to finding a job in the oil and gas market as Louisiana is considered the heart of oil and gas. Many oil companies are located close to the university and each year, many of them take on a number of graduates.

Plus, many of the graduates have traveled to Louisiana to study from overseas. Many international students have already been guaranteed jobs in their home countries and in a number of cases their native country has sponsored them to study. Unfortunately, most Americans have no such guarantee.

The price of oil is predicted to rise slightly next year so hopefully we will start to see the market pick up a little.