At the heart of our unique service is more than 35-years of real-world, in-house experience

As both consultants ourselves and past corporate users of consultants, we believe that many firms are too narrowly focused and too limited to address today’s business challenges. We address this unmet need in the marketplace and deliver results for our business partners.

The top 10 problems we solve

As a strategic advisor and partner, clients depend on our objective, third-party perspectives and additional expertise to help solve the following corporate challenges:

  1. Achieving a fair market valuation
  2. Accessing adequate capital and other resources to achieve corporate goals
  3. Improving liquidity to overcome low average trading volume
  4. Applying technology and tools, such as new, digital, and social media
  5. Entering new markets or geographies
  6. Attracting partners in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace
  7. Conducting proper due diligence, market research, valuations and competitive analysis
  8. Outsourcing to address time sensitive projects or convert high fixed expenses into variable costs
  9. Launching a new (or rejuvenated) product or corporate brand
  10. Eliminating disconnects between planned and perceived business models or corporate strategies