Nail Fungus and other Similar Diseases

Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a significant condition affecting the nails. Dermatophyte is the primary fungus that causes this disease. The situation is not painful and may not need medical attention. The nails in this condition tend to thicken, deform, and appear whitish or yellowish. However, you can take some home remedies to restore the innate nature of your nails.

However, many people are not aware that there are other conditions that affect the nails. Although the symptoms may be similar, the diseases might be different. A disease similar to nail fungus may require a different therapeutic approach, and anti-fungal drugs such as fluconazole might be ineffective.

Similar diseases to nail fungus

•Whitish nails-it is a common condition that occurs due to the nails separating from their nailbed. The cause of this disease varies and is not associated with fungi.

•Black or red nails-such conditions occur due to trauma on the fingernails or toenails. For instance, if you accidentally hit your nails with a heavy object, there will be the clotting of blood on that particular region; thus, the nail will appear red or black due to engorgement of blood.

•Green nails-it is a rare condition that occurs in healthy individuals. The primary cause of it is a predisposition to pseudomonas.

•Senile nails-In older people, nails tend to develop ridges due to degeneration. In other times the nails may also separate. The condition is not alarming and can go untreated.

•Pitted nails-it is a depression that is often seen in fingernails and toenails. Medical researchers associate this condition with psoriasis. The nails can also discolor, and you can observe abnormal growth. The nails can also thicken and deform, just like nail fungus.

Bottom Line

Nail fungus care is essential to prevent the multiplication of fungi in nails. Nail hygiene is the best remedy to ensure your nails are safe from the other conditions.

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How Do Petroleum Engineering Students Feel About The Current Oil and Gas Market?


For this article, we have decided to find out how petroleum engineering students feel about the current oil and gas situation. To get some answers, we head over to the University of Louisiana.

Students studying petroleum engineering at this university have been open enough to share their anxiety and concerns about their future. It would seem that those close to graduating are most worried, this is because the low price of oil is affecting jobs in the market.

Those students at the start of their course are less worried, Philip Wortman who is a freshman has explained that he and his friends are not worried because they still have three more years of studying to do.

Philip is hopeful that over the next three years, the price of oil will increase and more jobs will become available. But, as mentioned, those close to finishing university are worried.

Christian Narnajo is set to finish university this December and believes that the jobs market in the oil and gas engineering industry is dire. He explained that he reads about layoffs often in the news.

The news is constantly highlighting how bad the situation is in the oil and gas market. But, it very rarely talks about the effects it is having on young people like Christian. Christian is already looking for a job, he is willing to take any oilfield position, but so far he has had no such luck.

A professor from the University, Fathi Boukadi explained that last year all of the graduates from the petroleum engineering course found jobs after graduating. Since then the number of jobs and internships have been on a sharp decline.

But, some major companies and government organisations are still recruiting petroleum engineers, so it is not all bad news. Fathi has faith that this year all of the petroleum engineering graduates will find work too.

The University of Louisiana is in a fantastic location when it comes to finding a job in the oil and gas market as Louisiana is considered the heart of oil and gas. Many oil companies are located close to the university and each year, many of them take on a number of graduates.

Plus, many of the graduates have traveled to Louisiana to study from overseas. Many international students have already been guaranteed jobs in their home countries and in a number of cases their native country has sponsored them to study. Unfortunately, most Americans have no such guarantee.

The price of oil is predicted to rise slightly next year so hopefully we will start to see the market pick up a little.

Matt Cartwright New COO

The UK Oil and Gas Investments’ are pleased to announce that they have appointed a new Chief Operating Officer. The group recently confirmed that Matt Cartwright had been chosen to take on the role.

However, Matt Cartwright wasn’t new to the company, he has been working with UK Oil and Gas Investments as a consultant for over a year. He joined the company in July 2014 and brought with him over thirty years of experience. Matt has spent his career working in the global oil and gas industry and is considered a huge asset to the company. According to UK Oil and Gas Investments, Matt will leave his position as a consultant and begin his new role of Chief Operating Officer immediately.

In Matt’s thirty years of experience, he has previously worked in a range of areas. These include: business development, operating management, strategic planning, deployment of new technology and economic evaluation.

Matt has previously worked on some of the largest UK and International offshore and onshore activities. He has also worked for some of the biggest names in the oil and gas industry including; BP, Total and ARCO to name a few. Matt is not only incredibly good at his job but, clearly he also one smart cookie. As the new COO has a first class degree from Cambridge University in Engineering.

Chief Executive, Stephen Sanderson has already spoken publicly about the new appointment. Stephen said that the whole team were delighted to announce Matt as the new Chief Operating Officer. He also continued to share that Matt has already helped the company grow over the last year.

Clearly Matt has made important contributions to the company which has no doubt helped him secure this position. The UK Oil and Gas Investments company is currently going through an incredibly exciting time and Matt is sure to be kept very busy.

The Group have explained that the reason Matt has been chosen is because of his deep industry knowledge and breadth of experience and it seems that Matt will seamlessly fit in with the rest of the management team.

53 year old Matt has also recently been involved in growing the UK Oil and Gas Investments asset portfolio which is an area the business want to continue focusing on.

UK Oil and Gas Investments are keen to continue evaluating their onshore portfolio and are looking to continue expanding their portfolio, particularly in the South of England.

This appointment seems to have gone down well with the company’s stakeholders as the UKOG shares have seen an increase.

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HERMETIC Is Named The Best Centrifugal Pump Manufacturer for 2014

It has been a fantastic week for Russian company HERMETIC! The company have been celebrating after being named the Russian Oil and Gas Industry’s best centrifugal pump supplier for 2014. A huge congratulations are in order for the company, who are no doubt thrilled with this achievement.

HERMETIC also won the prestigious title in 2013, but thanks to their hard work and dedication, they have managed to retain the title and build on their successes.

Currently HERMETIC supply a huge range of products to a number of Russian industries. Their current range includes; magnetic drive pumps, vacuum and positive displacement pumps and canned motor pumps to name a few. They also differentiate themselves from their competitors by allowing their customers to either chose from a number of special designs, or they are willing to tailor make a pump in order to suit their customer’s needs.

Other reasons why HERMETIC were triumphant include the fact that the brand has impeccable quality, exceptional reliability, the highest safety standards and a fantastic customer support team.

The Russian Ministry of Energy conducted an independent survey to find the winners of the Russian Oil and Gas Industry’s best centrifugal pump manufacturer. The prize was then given to them at the exclusive Neftegaz event in Moscow by Russian refineries.

So what does this mean for HERMETIC?

Well to begin with it positions the company as a leader and pioneer in the oil and gas market. This is a great position to be in, especially in Russia where they are continuously looking for new oil and gas resources. The government and handpicked agencies are also working to find alternatives to fossil fuels in the hope that the world can become a more sustainable and greener place to live.

The company may also be interested in East Siberia. This area is thought to contain numerous and untouched oil reserves.

A process in Russia was put into place when they first started unearthing untouched reserves. This was to ensure the country used the materials as productively and efficiently as possible. The current process means that raw materials are first recovered, secondly they are processed and finally they are transported. This process is carried out under the toughest and strictest conditions to ensure it achieves its productivity and efficiency goals.

HERMETIC are able to contribute to the search for raw materials because of the unique machinery that they own. Their canned motor pumps are perfect for working in difficult operating conditions which is one of the key reasons the Russian government and other users would chose a HERMETIC pump to be used in their products.

Many centrifugal pump suppliers, (HERMETIC included) are also on a mission to find sustainability as they want to provide their customers with greater efficiency and of course they don’t want safety to be compromised. So this is another key reason for HERMETIC to be involved in the search for alternatives to fossil fuels.

Industry in Arabic countries is also still growing so it’s important that Russian companies like HERMETIC stay ahead of the game. At the moment canned Motor pumps by HERMETIC are relied upon by many refinery industries and both their standard and customised pumps are vital in new projects or when working with historical buildings.

An industrial customer looking for pumps should consider HERMETIC as their pumps portfolio is one of the best. Now that they have retained the prestigious title, we’re sure that the company will be set for another promising year. They won’t want to miss out on the title for the third year in a row now would they?

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World demand for pumps to approach $84 billion in 2018

The Freedonia Group Inc have recently published an interesting new study called World Pumps. The report by the company has excited those in the pump industry by stating that the demand for fluid handling pumps is going to see unprecedented growth. Across the world, pumps demand is going to see massive increases over the next four years. In fact, they have predicted that the pumps market can expect a huge 5.5% rise per year, which will results in a sales figure of $84 billion in 2018!

In a nutshell, the USA owns the biggest share of the market. This is because of its water infrastructure, oil and gas industries and most importantly their large manufacturing industries. The country is currently the largest fluid handling pump producer but they will fail to retain this title by 2018.

Other large exporters of fluid handling pumps include; Japan, Germany and Italy who can expect growth because of their large outputs, pumps experience and their priceless expertise.

Developing countries will see a bigger rise and so will countries that are willing to invest in the industry. The report suggests that if governments agree to a fixed investment, pump manufacturers can use the investment to build new premises or if they have a premise already can chose to upgrade their facilities or modernise in order to improve the pump manufacture production

New pump demand is set to be the strongest in the Asia-Pacific region. The report suggests that new pump demand will be as much as 44% by 2018 and will experience a soar in sales. In fact, the region will experience a huge sales soar, a 6.4% per annum increase to be precise. This is because the region has plans to spend money on improving construction and Asia-Pacific have also committed to investing in fixed assets.

China is the key reason Asia-Pacific will experience such growth. It will be responsible for nearly one quarter of new pump demand globally. In fact, only recently has China established itself as a key producer of pumps. 2013 was a big year for the country as it sent shipments of over eleven billion dollars. At the beginning of the article we mentioned that the USA will fail to remain the largest fluid handling pump producer and thanks to foreign investment and production costs in China, the country will take over and China will become the leading pump producer.

Mike Deneen, Market Analyst said: “Several Asian countries are projected to record impressive gains, including China and India.”

Central and South America are set to see the highest increases annually. This is primarily down to Brazil and Argentina and their industrial transformation.

Hydro technology is one of the biggest reasons we will see pump demand increase. This is an area that is going to see heavy investment as the water supply and sanitation systems are set to expand. The world is also about to see an expansion in mining activities. This means that those countries that contain mining businesses will experience a soar in pump demand. Oil production will also be another industry that will help the pumps sector grow.

It’s seems it’s going to be great news for centrifugal pump suppliers as they will remain the most used pump design. This is due to a number of reasons including their load handling capabilities and varied pressure.

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New report shares details about the pump market in India

It’s good news for the Indian pumps market! According to new research, India is about to experience unprecedented growth in the pumps market thanks to the country’s investment in infrastructural development.

Kirloskar Brothers Ltd is currently the biggest player in the Indian pumps market and (after this research came to light) they are looking to build a range of new and innovative products for a variety of industrial applications.

If Kirloskar Brothers Ltd is successful in this goal, they will soon rival some of the biggest pump businesses in the world.

This report will also benefit other large companies in the Indian pumps market which include Shakti Pumps and KSB pumps. There are also a number of small and medium pumps businesses that this report will help too.

The research looks at a range of aspects in the pumps industry including market size and market segmentation, in order to provide a complete analysis. The research then allows those in the pumps industry to have a better insight into the industry and enables them to make better business decisions.

Two important areas in the report are key drivers and growth restraints. Key drivers focuses on what will drive pump demand in India in the future. Growth restraints, like key drivers will also affect demand but will focus on what restraints are likely to slow pump demand.

In order to make the report as accurate as possible, the research also took into account recent developments in the industry which would obviously have a massive impact on the pumps market.

Unfortunately for India, recently the country has seen their growth rates decline. This has been put down to rising productions costs, a lack of domestic demand and no government investment.

The report then goes into detail about why India has experienced a steep decline in growth. The report suggested that it was down to diminishing revenue in the industrial pumps market. Currently in India, there has been a huge soar in raw material prices which understandably impacts the pumps market revenue.

The report follows on by breaking down the pumps market into the two different types of pumps available; centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps.

It is good news for the centrifugal pump suppliers as in the 2014 financial year, centrifugal pumps amassed a much larger sales figure across India. This is because centrifugal pumps are much more versatile and can be used in more application types when compared to the positive displacement pumps.

Currently the industrial industry use pumps in the following sectors; oil and gas, metals and mining, power generation, chemicals and water and water water. Then the report turns its attention to agricultural and domestic pumps which are used in the building and construction sector and the agricultural sector.

The research was commissioned by Ken Research and in this statement they summed up what they found. “The investment announced by the Indian government for the development of infrastructure will result in increased spending on industrial and agricultural pumps, rising pressure on profit margins due to high raw material costs affecting the growth of this industry in the future.”

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Hygienic Twin Screw Pump Set to Revolutionise the Fish Oil Industry.

At a recent seminar in Norway, members of the fish oil industry were left impressed after a demonstration from WANGEN PUMPEN. Their new hygienic twin screw pump product wowed leading manufacturers of omega 3 and is set to take the fish oil industry by storm.

WANGEN PUMPEN who are based in the region of Allgau in Germany decided to share their latest product at a seminar organised by Lars Frost of Froster AS. Froster AS is the WANGEN PUMPEN distributor based in Norway and they happily took on the responsibility and invited some of the leading manufacturers of omega 3 fatty acids to the exclusive event.

The WANGEN twin screw pump which was unveiled has unrivaled hygienic benefits and has left the industry in awe.

All comments from event attendees are extremely positive including this statement by Herald Kjearstad from HPK Consult “The hygienic screw pump is a very interesting alternative to the usual displacement and centrifugal pumps for us, because it can do both conveying products and cleaning the plant in place (CIP), This saves us not only a centrifugal pump including pipes for CIP / SIP cleaning, but also brings significant benefits in terms of hygiene: The fewer components in the system that are installed, the fewer sources of contamination can occur.”

If this comment is to go by, the manufacture of omega 3 fish oil is set to be revolutionised.

At the moment, around 100,000 products per year with omega 3 fatty acids are taken across the world. It has become a very common supplement and important part of many people’s diet, Most commonly the key ingredient comes from fish, so if this pump takes off it could change the fish oil production industry entirely.

As mentioned the key ingredient is fish, which means that the manufacturers will need a well designed, hygienic production plant. If this is compromised in any way at all, then the production of omega 3 fatty acids will be unsafe and unsecure.

The reason why Omega 3 fatty acids are incredibly commonplace across the world these days is due to well known brands like Seven Seas, who have actively promoted their health benefits. In a world where everyone wants to be healthier, the new hygienic twin pump will be huge business for WANGEN PUMPEN.

WANGEN PUMPEN have also impressed in another industry recently.

The chemical engineering industry have also been wowed thanks to the launch of a series of new products by WANGEN PUMPEN at ACHEMA, a world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry.

A new series of products from the company, named Xpress made their public debut and received astonished and enthused comments from an expert audience.

WANGEN PUMPEN like most other pump suppliers offer their customers a range of pumps including twin screw pumps and centrifugal pumps to name a few. Centrifugal pump suppliers are required in a huge range of applications and are an established and key pump for WANGEN PUMPEN.

Only time will tell if the hygienic twin screw pump will take off, but we’re expecting great things from the company.

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SAER launches new series of open impeller pumps

We are officially halfway through 2015 and for many it has been an incredible year so far. For one company in particular, the Italian pump manufacturer SAER, we think it is safe to say that they’re probably pretty proud of their 2015 successes.

Only six months in they have already launched many new and innovative products.

SAER is one of the oldest pump manufacturers around, founded in 1951, and they already have a varied range of water electric pumps and motors for a variety of industries. Currently they work with a number of diversified markets including the agricultural sector, industrial businesses and they also work in the domestic market. With their products in use in a number of vital applications including fire fighting appliances and the mining industry, it’s great to see them expand.

Some of the most influential products they have launched this year includes the compact and noiseless pressure unit T-ONE and SL Solar System. These products will improve the lives of many as it will allow water to be distributed through pumps to all areas even if there is no power supply.

But, that’s not the only products that they have launched, the company have also introduced a centrifugal single stage pump in order to improve drainage and slurry water for dry installation. The product was unveiled at the WETEX exhibition in Dubai last April.

Those attendees that went to WETEX would agree when we say it was a great choice of launch venue. With so many discussions on making the world a more sustainable and greener place to live it was great to see SAER launch a product that will help make that a reality. Other exhibitors at the event also shared a new range of technologies to help build a greener world. Incidentally, the event also coincided with Green Week, which was clearly a clever marketing tactic by the people at SAER.

For those that don’t know much about the single stage pump, it can be used for pumping both domestic and industrial waste water, but it can also pump corrosive liquids, agricultural sewage and solid substances too. Pretty impressive hey?

With many other centrifugal pump suppliers in the market, SAER wanted to go one step further and make this the pump to rival all others. So they built this pump with both open and closed impellers. The product really is unrivalled in the market.

Currently there are three models to choose from and they are all made with stainless steel. SEAR have built a solid reputation and are regularly relied upon for a range of water pumping needs. The company also have one of the most competitive delivery times, so those people looking for high pressure pumps, submersible pumps or even a split casing pump, SAER can offer a quick but effective solution.

But, it doesn’t stop there for SAER, the company have already announced plans to increase their range even more. Do they ever stop?

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