SEO News and Updates on Beginner Bloggers for the SEO Hero Competition

Blogging for beginners

When I say “SEO Hero Competition” I am almost certain that all of you have heard about this competition. The question is weather you can provide engaging content for your website visitors. I have asked Henry Manges what tips he would suggest for beginner writers for the SEO Hero Competition. Henry has enrolled his website SEO Hero Studio for this competition as well.

Genuine If you are a writer, then you know how significant it is to write excellent, educational content and do all the other SEO works that will make your blog to the top of Google ranking. However, if you are new to this sphere or if you are struggling to get your blog all your excellent posts in it, noticed. If the case is that you are new in this, then it is possible for you to feel, like what to do and where to begin with? And if you are someone who is struggling hard to get their blog noticed and shared by people, then you are simply not doing enough.

Beggining the Journey to be a Blogger

If you are beginning the journey to be a blogger, then it is a good idea, to start, a free trial on WordPress or Tumblr which is in rage. However, if you are a pro already and know most of it by updating yourself on SEO news and updates on social media blogs, then we shall have to have to you later in another article. The first job for a beginner is to get a real domain name/ URL with the keyword that describes your blog.

If the look of your website makes it look reliable, informative and creative, then your blog is good enough. Now compare your blog with the ones that are topping the charts and are known to be the best blogs of your domain. If you think your blog is still not at least good or better than those, then make sure to add money to better it. Tournament to be on top is which drives this world. So, to strive harder to be better than the others is the thumb rule here.

Once you know that you are ready to go and that your blog looks excellent then, also make sure that you have researched and used keywords in your blog and also ensure which you do not overuse keywords and stick to the required density. Use tags and make sure that the comments you receive are from good sources and are reliable to the posts. Once these things are under control, then go for Social Medias and make sure that your blog has links to every posts and news that enables the user to click the link and directly share them on your website.

So, if they visit your website by clicking on the link you shared and find it appealing enough, and if they have access to a comment box and a share button on your blog, then they will put in some effort to at least share the post driving in more traffic to your blog. If you have doubts then it is good to learn about blogging and the ways to make your blog’s traffic increase by following some great reliable sources on news & updates on Social Media blog found on the internet and books, where you will find various methods to increase your blog’s traffic using the social media and to make an impact as a blogger in the blogging sphere.